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April 2nd

Dear Daddy-Long-legs,

      I am a BEAST.

     Please forget about that dreadful letter I sent you last week―I was feeling terribly lonely and miserable and sore-throaty the night I wrote.  I didn’t know it, but I was just coming down with tonsillitis and grippe and lots of things mixed.  I’m in the infirmary now, and have been here for six days; this is the first time they would let me sit up and have a pen and paper.  The head nurse is very bossy.  But I’ve been thinking about it all the time and I shan’t get well until you forgive me.

     Here is a picture of the way I look, with a bandage tied around my head in rabbit’s ears.

     Doesn’t that arouse your sympathy?  I am having sublingual gland swelling.  And I’ve been studying physiology all the year without ever hearing of sublingual glands.  How futile a thing is education!

     I can’t write any more; I get sort of shaky when I sit up too long.  Please forgive me for being impertinent and ungrateful.  I was badly brought up.


Yours with love,

 Judy Abbott