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June 9th


Dear Daddy-Long-Legs,


    Happy day!  I’ve just finished my last examination―physiology.  And now:

     Three months on a farm!

     I don’t know what kind of a thing a farm is.  I’ve never been o one n my life.  I’ve never even looked at one (except from the car window), but I know I’m going to love it, and I’m going to love being free.

     I am not used even yet to being outside the John Grier Home.  Whenever I think of it excited little thrills chase up and down my back.  I feel as though I must run faster and faster and keep looking over my sho7ulder to make sure that Mrs. Lippett isn’t after me with her arm stretched out to grab me back.

    I don’t have to mind anyone this summer do I? 

     Your nominal authority doesn’t annoy me in the least; you are too far away to do any harm.  Mrs. Lippett is dead forever, so far as I am concerned, and the Semples aren’t expected to overlook my moral welfare, are they?  No, I am sure not.  I am entirely grown up.  Hurrah!

     I leave you now to pack a trunk, and three boxes of teakettles and dishes and sofa cushions and books.



Yours ever,




PS.  Here is my physiology exam.  Do you think you could have passed?