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第一,    八角形房子裹面的房間是什麼像餡餅一樣,你說呢?


第二,    如果你坐在一個四周全是鏡子的巨大空心球體裹,鏡子在何處才不會照到臉而照到背?我越想越糊塗。你看,我們用多麼深奧的哲學概念來打發時間!














October 17th


Dear Daddy-Long-Legs,


     Supposing the swimming tank in the gymnasium were filled full of lemon jelly, could a person trying to swim manage to keep on top or would he sink?

     We were having lemon jelly for dessert, when the question came up.  We discussed it heatedly for half an hour and it’s still unsettled.  Sallie sure that the best swimmer in the world would sink.  Wouldn’t it be funny to be drowned in lemon jelly?

     Two other problems are engaging the attention of our table. 

     1st.  What shape are the rooms in an octagon house.  Some of the girls insist that they’re square; but I think they’d have to be shaped like a piece of pie.  Don’t you?

    2nd.  Suppose there were a great big hollow sphere made of looking glass and you were sitting inside.  Where would it stop reflecting your face and begin reflecting your back?  The more one thinks about this problem,. The more puzzling it becomes.  You can se with what deep philosophical reflection we engage our leisure!

     Did I ever tell you about the election?  It happened three weeks ago, but so fast do we live, that three weeks is ancient history,  Sallie was elected, and we had a torchlight parade with transparencies saying “McBride Forever,” and a band consisting of fourteen pieces (three mouth organs and eleven combs). 

     We’re very important persons now in “258.”  Julia and I come in for a great deal of reflected glory.  It’s quite a social strain to be living in the same house with a president.

     Bonne nuit[{法語}晚安。], cher Daddy.



Acceptez mes compliments[{法語}應為Acceptez mes compliments請接受我的問侯。],

Tres respectueux[{法語}應為Tres respectueuse,尊敬你的。].

Je suis[{法語} 我是。],

Votre[{法語}你的。] Judy