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The Ides[{古羅馬曆}三月、五月、七月、十月的十五日及其他月份的十三。] of March

Dear D. L. L.,

     I am studying Latin prose composition.  I have been studying it.  I shall be studying it.  I shall be about to have been studying it.  My reexamination comes the 7th hour next Tuesday, and I am going to pass or BUST.  So you may expect to hear from me next, whole and happy and free from conditions[{}有補考資格的不及格分數。], or in fragments.

     I will rite a respectable letter when it’s over.  Tonight I have a pressing engagement with the Ablative Absolute.


Yours―in evident haste,











March 26th

Mr. D. L. L. Smith,

     Sir:  You never answer any questions; you never show the slightest interest in anything I do.  You are probably the horridest one of all those horrid trustees, and the reason you are education me is, bot because you care a bit about me, but from a sense of duty.

    I don’t know a single thing about you.  I don’t even know your name.  It is very uninspiring writing to a thing.  I haven’t doubt but that you throw my letters into the wastebasket without reading them.  Hereafter I shall write only about work.

     My reexaminations in Latin and geometry came last week.  I passed them both and am now free from conditions.


Yours truly,

Jerusha Abbott