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October 25th

Dear Daddy-Long-Legs,

     I’ve made the basketball team and you ought to see the bruise on my left shoulder.  It’s blue and mahogany with little streaks of orange.  Julia Pendleton tried for the team, but she didn’t make it.  Hooray!

     You see what a mean disposition I have. 

     College gets nicer and nicer.  I like the girls and the teachers and the classes and the campus and the things to eat.  We have ice cream twice a week and we never have cornmeal mush.

     You only wanted to hear from me once a month, didn’t you?   And I’ve been peppering you with letters every few days! But I’ve been so excited about all these new adventures that I must talk to somebody; and you’re the only one I know.  Please excuse my exuberance; I’ll settle pretty soon.  If my letters bore you, you can always toss them into the wastebasket.  I promise not to write another till the middle of November.


Yours most loquaciously,

Judy Abbott